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Survey Results

Survey Sample Results (as of 3/29/14)

The top 5 items - What information would you like to see in a website?

Exhibit Information - Special exhibits - forms, where, cost etc -100.00%
Location/dates/times of WAL meetings- 100.00%
Classes and workshops information specifically by WAL - 100.00%
Classes and workshops information offered by individual members- 100.00%
Forms - membership, spring show exhibits, artwork tags - 90.00%

Current website has the above information- but send your classes and workshop information to keep it up to date.

Logo - current logo was created by an art league member. Would you like to see a different logo?

No - but thank the artist who created it. - 40.00%
Possibly - contest to decided a new one - 40.00%
Don't know or don't have a preference - 20.00%
Yes- 0%

What information would you like to have in the website as an individual member/artist?

Name only - 60.00%
Name and specific contact information - 60.00%
Images - 60.00%
My own website listed. - 60.00%
Awards, exhibit info/Bio - 30.00%
Social Media contact - facebook, twitter etc. - 30.00%

How often do you go to the website for information?

Monthly - to check on the upcoming events/speakers - 44.44%
Weekly or more often. - 33.33%
Not very often, don't really use the computer that much. 11.11%
Never - 11.11%

What type of social media do you prefer to use?

Newsletter on line - 70.00%
Facebook - 70.00%
Website - 50.00%
Google + - 20.00%

What do you need help in learning to do so it will be easier to send information for the website?

Where to send the information for the website - 80.00% - email is
How to take an image of my artwork - 60.00%
How to do a bio - 30.00%
How to connect to Facebook/twitter etc. - 20.00%
How to start social media like Facebook/twitter etc. - 20.00%
How to write a press release about my own work/exhibits etc. - 20.00%
I will be glad to teach how to do ....... - 10.00%

What is the best way for you to send information for the website?

I'll email the information. - 100.00% - email is

How would you like to see the results of this survey?

On the website, of course - 70.00%
In social media - 10.00%
This was a great way to get information - 10.00%
I don't do surveys - 10.00%

A great website needs the information from its members. The more great words you can give, the more support you receive.

Thank everyone who participated and if you would still like to have your input, go here....