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Bill Koruna

Thanks to Bill Koruna for this photo.

Upcoming WAL Exhibits

The first art show for this season will be at the Westerville Library for the month of October. The only requirement is that you be a paid member. You can pay Kathy Smithson at the September meeting or send check to our PO Box. $25
Westerville Art League
PO Box 2422
Westerville, OH 43081


Spring Show Chairs;

Spring Show Chairs; a. Ted Chaney Committee Chair
Nancy Hoffman, Norma Fiala, Barb Doll, Gail Paulus Committee members

More info to come.


Art Instruction by Members:

Ginny Baughman is offering the following classes at the Westerville Community Center. To register, go to click here or you can call 614-901-6500.

Drawing with Ginny: Learn to draw from local artist Ginny Baughman. Students will be taught the basics including the use of line, shape, shading and design. Drawing from actual in class objects students will complete many different drawing projects. Students can use this class to prepare for the Ginnys Acrylic Painting class offered in the same evening. Supply list will be provided please purchase supplies before the first class. Ages: 16 and up. Dates: Tuesdays March 1-22. Times: 6:30-7:30

Acrylic Canvas Painting for Adults Learn how to create your own acrylic canvas paintings. Learn the basics of acrylic painting on canvas and then create several creative paintings by the end of the class. You can choose to bring your own supplies (supply list is available) or you can use the in class supplies for a fee of $5 (plus the cost of canvases) per class. Students might want to use the in class supplies for the first class and then purchase their own for later classes. Ages: 16-adult. Dates: Tuesdays March 1-22. Time: 7:45 9:00.

Ukrainian Egg Decorating Class Students will enjoy learning how to create the beautiful Pysanky or Ukrainian egg. In this class students will learn about this beautiful art and then create at least one or more eggs by the end of the class. There will be a $20 supply fee for this class and each student will go home with an egg decorating kit that they can use at home. Ages: 12-adult. Dates: Mondays March 14-21. Time: 7:00 9:00


ARTS Alley info

Check out Arts in The Alley each Fourth Friday April-Septermber!

WAL arts alley

Kathryn Smithson table


Heres what we get by participating in Arts Alley (and these apply only to members of WAL):

There is no fee to pay (all other sites have to pay to display at Fourth Friday)- the Arts Council of Westerville paid the $500 entry fee for WAL, which covers the entire six months

There will be 5-6 display tables provided to us, free of charge (about 6 X 2.5 in size)- these are great for displaying smaller art items, e.g., custom made jewelry, small prints, and cards, etc.

There will be new, custom made hanging display panels provided to us, free of charge, designed to safely and professionally display framed, hanging art (this should accommodate about 6 artists with 3-4 pictures each)- the Arts Council of Westerville paid the $500 cost of building materials, and all of the construction was voluntarily provided by Phil Koenig (Phils wife, Lynn, is a member of the Arts Council of Westerville- see how all of this ties back nicely to the Arts Councils support of WAL?)

a very well-decorated archway (located over the sidewalk right by State Street) announcing the entryway of Arts Alley is provided, as well as several colored pennants on poles, all designed to help draw attention to Arts Alley for the thousands of people (no exaggeration here) attending Fourth Fridays

a chance to get your art in front of many residents of the Westerville community, which of course means a chance to sell your art!

a chance to help the Westerville Art League be more visible and viable in our community.

We have room for at least six (6) of us to participate each time as part of Arts Alley, and probably more, depending on the mix of artists. For example, if 6 of us only need hanging space on the display panels for paintings, and 6 of us only need table display space for small art items, then potentially 12 of us could share the display space, because we have different display needs. Its not likely that things will work out that tidily, but we can plan on have somewhere between 6 (minimum) and 12 (maximum) WAL artists display at each of the 6 months of Arts Alley.


WesterFlora 2016

Westerflora, E-Mail: Any questions please call 614-882-9955.


Other Art Organizations




Charles Rowland -

for updated information go to the website
Watercolor classes at the Westerville Parks and Recreation Department.
All classes are held at at The Westerville Community Center.
Call 614-901-6500 or visit


For anyone who is interested in becoming a member
of the Central Ohio Watercolor Society (COWS)

To become a member of the Central Ohio Watercolor Society (COWS) a current COWS member must submit a letter of recommendation to the chairperson of the membership committee, Bess Alexander, recommending you for membership. The membership committee shall select new members by viewing three (3) or more pieces of the applicant's work. The work should be in a white or neutral colored mat and our organization is only transparent watercolor. So that means no opaque paint including white watercolor paint is accepted.

For more info and times of acceptance contact:

Bess Alexander