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Arlene Adkins

Artist's Statement: I was given an oil paint set for Christmas when I was in grade school and that's where it all began. My first painiting was of my baby sister and also of a picture in our living room.

I enjoy doing people and horses. My grade school teacher inspired me and wanted me to get a position decorating windows for Gimbles in Pittsburg and then go onto thePittsburg Art Institute. However, my parents could not stand for me to be so faraway.



Accomplishments: I studied oil painting with Mary Lestyan, a great artist from Hungary, studied art at the Cleveland Community College. Studied portrait painting in oil with Charlene Green, participated in the Poland, Ohio Art Show.

I also have created and sold many unusual craft items such as Fungi Art, and stone painted pins.

I am also an accomplished herbalist. I owned my own business selling and growing herbs and have even taught classes in herbs.

I have studied with Robert Moyer, Stan Pierce and Mary Saltz.