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WAL Past Speakers

September 22, 2015

Bill Westerman - Annual critique meeting

October 23, 2015

Judy Anderson

Judy Anderson lives in Westerville and has been a lifelong artist. She creates works in acrylic and watercolor that demonstrate her ability to use color and shape to create imaginative and beautiful art. She has been an illustrator, exhibited at Closson’s gallery in Cincinnati, exhibits at Hayley’s Gallery in New Albany, and she teaches, judges and critiques art. She recently had an exhibit at the Westerville Community Center. For more about her work, please visit

Judy shares that her presentation “…will be about the lines and shapes that make up a good drawing. Using just the black and white of the pencil or pen, we will have the freedom to play with the composition and concentrate on values without being distracted by color. Placement, proportion and perspective will show us different ways we can highlight the subject. I will bring a couple of set-ups but you are welcome to work with your own material; photos you have taken or objects (3 to 5) you relate to.

Besides your pencils or pens, bring a stump, sketch book or paper, erasers and a transparent ruler. A couple sheets of tracing paper are also helpful. Let's explore the possibilities!”

November 2014 speaker - Nancy Vance

Nancy Vance will be sharing her experiences with us as a pastel painter. She exhibits regularly at numerous central Ohio venues, and is an active member of three local art groups; Worthington Area Art League (WAAL), Ohio Pastel Artists League (OPAL), and Central Ohio Plein Air (COPA). She has been the recipient of numerous awards, the most recent being the 2014 Best of Show (oil) “Checkmate”; WAAL, First Community Church, Brownlee Hall Gallery.

Nancy has studied with local teachers Jim Glover, Charles Rowland, Meredith Martin, Stan Pierce, and with nationally known artists Ray Hassard, Stan Sperlak, Kim Casebeer, and Michael Chesley Johnson.

She enjoys painting in oils, gouache, casein, and has had some success, but pastels are still her favorite medium. She has also begun experimenting preparing her own textured surfaces for pastel pieces which brings an interesting nuance to the finished painting. So, while some of her paintings can be quite photo-realistic, her goal now is to paint in a more impressionistic style in all mediums. You may contact Nancy through email at

Past Speakers

September, 2013– Janet Carr

Janet Carr

Janet will be giving a powerpoint presentation of her books and what she has learned about publishing them.

Artist's Statement: The question, why do artists paint, will always be a mystery. Whether I am teaching or painting, I just know that for me painting is what makes life meaningful. I enjoy working in various mediums and am always eager to try something new.

from wuma newsletter: "I have been a member of the Westerville Art League for many, many years. I retired from teaching art in the Westerville Public Schools. Now I have my own studio (a dream come true) where I can paint, write and also give lessons in just about any media. I enjoy giving individual help when needed."


Having taught art to thousands of kids in Westerville Public Schools was my greatest accomplishment. I renovated our small barn into a studio. Designed the logo for the Westerville Art in the Park. Was selected tobe the guest arts for Inniswood Gardens. Have won numerous awards in local art shows. Have had many paintings commissions. Have studied for one year at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Strausburg, France and have even sold a few pieces of my art in Dijon, France.

One of my most enjoyable experiences was doing a series of plein-aire paintings of the wine counry in Burgandy. I not only got to enjoy the painting experience but I also got to talk with some of the curious spectators. It does help to speak French!

October, 2013Louise Captein - artwork critique

Louise Captein - Artwork Critique -

Personal Bio from Otterbein University
My paintings are based on sketches that are paper collages. When I make my collages I work in a loose, experimental manner. I like to quickly assemble, rearrange and disassemble compositions. I also use the collage technique because I enjoy the opacity of the paper and the hard-edged quality of the cut shapes. The technique matches my desire for clarity of form and of color in my images. Once a collage is finished I transfer it onto a large-scale canvas and use oil paint to create the painting. I choose for the larger scale to increase the impact of a dynamic composition, strong form and rich color. Each painting is an exact copy of the original collage. The painting process involves careful mixing of colors and meticulous application of thin layers of paint to create a smooth surface.

Overall, my goal is to create new, animated forms that everybody everywhere can relate to. I want to reach people at a very basic level. I believe all human beings are naturally inclined to enjoy color. It is also in our nature to be moved by movement, to be surprised by spontaneity, o be energized by action and to feel alive surrounded by what is alive. I want my art to be infectious.

November, 2013- Laura Jajko

Our November meeting will be featuring Laura Jajko, of American Frame

Phone: (800) 537-0944, Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5:30pm (EST)


American Frame
400 Tomahawk Drive
Maumee OH 43537

American Frame offers a lot of do-it-yourself services for artists all across the country.
For those of you interested in Do-It-Yourself picture framing, here's information on a book that American Frame has put together: "With a light-hearted approach to picture framing, ‘DIY Framing FunDaMentals’ is not your everyday ho-hum DIY manual. Packed with information every framer needs to know; the FunDaMentals is visually exciting with a touch of unexpected humor meant to inspire creative people who love and make art."

Knowing how to properly reproduce your art is also a growing area of importance and they try to make it an easy and enjoyable process. Here is the link to their Printing Page, for the interested student via their FAQs.

January, 2014


The Fine Artistry of
Kevin Buckland

Kevin's inspiration comes from what he knows and enjoys, the rural Ohio landscape. After experimenting with all types of paints from oils to acrylics, Kevin decided that watercolor would be his medium of choice. He uses a combination of dry brush, wet on wet, and various other techniques. He refers to his paintings as "images in watercolor that achieve realistic, sharp detail".

Kevin begins a painting by carefully selecting a subject matter that evokes a feeling or has some special meaning to him. After carefully studying the subject he considers all the elements needed for a successful painting. Composition, color and technique along with years of practice, is the formula for all his paintings.

Kevin is an associate member of The Ohio Watercolor Society and National Water Color Society. He is past president of the Westerville Art League, and member of The Central Ohio Watercolor Society. His work has won many awards and can be found in corporate and private collections.