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A group of local artists and art enthusiasts have come together to form the

Arts Association of Westerville (AAW).

The AAW is a 501(c)(3) federal non-profit organization committed to the education, preservation, promotion, and celebration of all artists, art forms and patrons.

While visual arts will certainly be a big part of the organization, we also want to shine light on other art forms such as performing arts, culinary arts, etc. We are still in the early stages of planning, but the goal is to have a brick and mortar facility for this organization and to work with local art to build a stronger art community in Central Ohio and particularly Westerville.

Anyone and everyone will be welcome, regardless of any other art organization affiliation. To build this cooperative art community, we will focus on social media, communication, programs, shows, and having gallery space that can support a variety of media as well as a small performance space. We will keep you abreast of our progress and hope to have a big announcement sometime within the first quarter of 2015. FACEBOOK - please like.

Email received from Don R, Thank you for your support, the AAW organizers.

Awesome! I don't think WAL is the means of implementation for such an organization and believe you are on the right track developing your own organization. There are people that only want a social club and there is nothing wrong with that. Good luck and I look forward to seeing some good things come of it. Don Reither

And another positive response from John Cameron,

Thanks for sharing this information with WAL members. It seems like a very ambitious and comprehensive organization that you envision. I truly wish you, Renee, and other members of the Arts Association of Westerville all the best in your new endeavor. My hope and expectation is that some people may choose to be members of both WAL and AAW at the same time.


John Cameron
Acting President, WAL

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Renee Kropat's Sketchbook project titled "The War", has been choosen to go tour again with the The Sketchbook Project.

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Again, as asked in several emails and meetings, anyone interested in helping with the website, just email.




Click here for List of art organizations in Westerville.

2015 Art At The Arnold - Call for Entries

The Annual Art at the Arnold competition during the Arnold Sports Festival will again use this unique venue for artists to portray athletes and sports action March 6 - 8, 2015 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

Registration deadline to participate is December 15, 2014. -Take an artistic look at the Arnold Sports Festival.. -Space is limited, so register early.-

The three-day competition consists of a half day of figure drawing and painting of athlete models, followed by an afternoon of sketching and reference gathering throughout the Arnold Sports Festival. The second day artists spend in a studio work session using material gathered the day before. The final day artists select one piece to submit for judging and an art show presented to the public.

Additional entry forms and information at




Westerville Public Library -
126 South State Street - (614) 882-7277
6:30pm - New Time

Fourth Tuesday -

More info


Westerville Library is booked for the month of November, 2014 and Community Center in December, 2014. Participating artists-Events/Entries


Photos on the Art in Public Spaces

The Westerville Art League has it's own photobucket. Images for and about WAL. 71 images from the past spring show.

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